Penguin Ice Awards

Gold Standard Award

On January 1, 2011, Bernards Township Health Department initiated the Gold Standard Award Program that recognizes food establishments that have achieved the highest standards of food safety and sanitation.

The “Gold Standard” is issued to eligible establishments by the inspecting Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) and affixed to the satisfactory inspection placard. In addition to the placard, a “Gold Standard” window decal (shown left) is given to establishments for display on a door or window.

Qualifications for eligibility of this award are:

  • Must have had two or more consecutive calendar years, with an average of three or fewer violations, none of which can be food borne illness risk factors and interventions
  • Must have a person on staff who had become a certified Food Protection Manager following a New Jersey Department of Health recognized course
  • Must have a demonstrated track record of being consistently cooperative and attentive to food protection and the highest standards of food safety and sanitation
  • Must have a demonstrated knowledge of food borne disease prevention

Penguin Ice Cream has earned this prestigious award multiple times including for our most recent inspection in 2014. We at Penguin Ice Cream work diligently to strive to exceed the health standards set by the Bernards Township Health Department.